Specialist in Innovative Hockey training material

No unity in the consumables within your hockey club, teams that walk around with different vests, different goalkeeper bags and a relatively high replacement cost because teams want to play and train with "the same stuff". 

It is common practice at many clubs that when new equipment has to be purchased, this is often done on an ad hoc basis for the lowest retail internet price at that time. The result is that over time "the best deal" is no longer always the best deal and the way the club presents itself is not always the most uniform and therefore also the most professional. 

Uniformize and standardize according to the highest requirements

FIKAGEAR guarantees the unity and quality of hockey equipment for hockey clubs by developing all its materials and design for clubs. FIKAGEAR originated from a passion for hockey. We are therefore not just a hockey supplier, but a company that is committed to reducing the costs of material consumption in order to be able to use that money in the education and training of youth hockey players. By uniformizing and personalizing our approach for team and club materials, we achieve a number of club goals simultaneously

 Our approach ensures that:

  • unity is created in the appearance with the same design goalkeeper bag / team bag / hockey ball / run-out masks
  • the teams become more recognizable at other clubs and therefore also become more proud of their club / identity
  • the costs of use and purchase decrease due to volume purchases.
  • the contrast between top and width of sport can also be partially broken visually; ahv that girls B3 has the same stuff as H1

Sustainable training material

In addition to standardizing and personalizing, we also find the hockey development of the club members very important. All our materials are developed by ourselves with sustainability and creativity as frameworks.

Hockey ball by weight

At FIKAGEAR we sell hockey balls in different weight classes. To promote differential learning. Research in this regard  has shown that training with hockey balls in different weight classes provides better technique by having to train adaptively. A light ball fun for the youngest youth and the heavier hockey ball for sleeppush training, for example.

Hockey goalkeeper bag with interchangeable wheels

A hockey bag is a utensil. This is pulled behind the bike to a training or match, with the result that the wheels wear out, the handle breaks and a completely new hockey bag has to be bought. FIKAGEAR has developed a hockey goalkeeper bag where the wheels can be changed and the handle is not present. As a club you have a durable bag of which, in the worst case, the wheels have to be replaced. That quickly saves on costs.

Ball bag without the loss of balls

Every club starts the season with a full ball bag, but halfway through many hockey balls have disappeared. Few trainers count the number of hockey balls that go back into the bag after training and that makes sense. FIKAGEAR has therefore developed a bag where counting balls is no longer necessary because the ball bag shows at a glance whether hockey balls are missing. And which can also be personalized with club and sponsor logo.

Hockey 5’s boarding

FIH Approved boarding systems for 5 aside hockey. Hockey 5's is a development that is taking shape now that the FIH has embraced this new form of hockey. FIKAGEAR has developed boarding systems that meet the requirements of the FIH. Both in category 1 and category 2. FIH hockey fives boarding The FIH approved boarding has a warranty of 2 years, consists entirely of recyclable and recycled materials and exceeds the existing safety regulations.