“Raising the Bar” met Hockey5s innovaties


Hockey5s is a fast form of hockey that requires a lot of skills. It can be played on different surfaces, environments and spaces. The game is played between two teams with four field players and a goalkeeper each.

3 different boardings

FIKAGEAR has developed three different types of Hockey5s boarding, to facilitate the growth of this sport at any location or club. We offer both permanent and temporary boarding.

FIKAGEAR Hockey5s boarding was the first boarding approved by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) for this new sport.

Easy to install

Our boardings are made of lightweight materials, making them easy to install or remove. A special trolley is available to take the boarding to the field.

Commercial opportunities

The boarding can be provided with your own brand, is easy to clean and can be recycled. The boarding can be rented or purchased from us.

Approved by FIH

We supply to:

The numbers speak for themselves

installation time
0 minutes
per meter
0 kg weight
FIH approval
Class 0 -2

H5s pitch

Now create a complete H5s playing field, consisting of:

  • Sandblasted artificial grass in PET (fully recyclable) or PE;
  • Base Panels (fully recyclable);
  • FIH approved H5s boarding (fully recyclable);
  • H5s goals.

Curious about what we can do for you in realizing a complete H5S concept? Contact us.



  • Perfect solution for recreational Hockey5’s;
  • Easy to lift and installation takes ± 10 minutes;
  • 2000 x 200 x 225 mm (l x b x h);
  • Weighs 6.5 kg per board / 3.25 kg per m2;
  • Can be upgraded to meet FIH Class 1 and Class 2 criteria.



  • Developed for FIH-sanctioned tournaments (Class 1 and Class 2);
  • Easy to lift and installation takes ± 10 minutes;
  • 2000 x 200 x 225 mm (l x b x h);
  • Weighs 7 kg per board / 3.25 kg per m;
  • Made of lightweight reinforced composite. Finished with a foam pad on top.



  • Heavy duty quality, developed for permanent installations;
  • 2000 x 225 x 250 mm (l x h x b);
  • Weighs 15 kg per board;
  • Made from recycled plastic and finished with an eco-plastic;
  • Finished with foam pad on top;
  • Branding or commercial messages on the boarding is possible.

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