About fikagear

We are an organization consisting of hockey players & hockey enthusiasts, who, based on their own management experience, sometimes also frustration, have seen how things work within hockey clubs. From our experience in business with concept-based work, it is also easy to conclude that things can be done differently and better within hockey clubs. With our knowledge and experience, we believe we are the right partner to relieve hockey clubs and provide them with the most important hockeymaterials.

Based on our passion for hockey, we started developing our unique balls and ball bags directly at the source. We now have several of our own products, which are optimally tailored to the hockey (5s) sport. This allows us to offer our customers high-quality and innovative materials as well as a price advantage.

Zeelbergseweg 29
5555 LD Valkenswaard
The Netherlands
+31(0)40 40 20 903 (office)
+31(0)6 83 57 10 15
+31(0)6 11 41 10 44

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