FIKAGEAR Panna Field Hockey 12x6m. Rent

The Boarding is made of environmentally friendly and sustainable ECO plastic. The boarding elements have a length of 1 meter and a height of 25 centimeters. The resilient rubber gives the ball a natural bounce during play. The elements are connected to each other using three bolts until the desired length is reached. The corners are firmly connected to each other using metal connecting plates to create the shape of the Panna field.

Rent is 150.00 euros per day. 2nd day 100.00 euros 3rd and subsequent days 50.00 (ex VAT)


Would you rather buy a Panna field instead of renting it? Fikagear offers the possibility for this. If you have any questions about renting or purchasing a Panna field, please feel free to contact us.


150.00 excl. vat

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