Right To Play Aluminum Training Goals

These robust goals are made entirely of aluminum for a long lifespan. The box profile is 50×50 and 3 mm thick. The hitting board is covered with thick rubber as standard. Equipped with a matching net. The bicycles are optional for easy movement.

Goal outside dimensions:
– 1200 x 800mm and 600mm deep.

Shipping costs on request.

Right To Play

Right To Play is an international organization that uses the power of play worldwide to improve the lives of children growing up in the most challenging circumstances.

Playing is vital. It ensures that children become resilient and are physically and mentally healthy. It helps children deal with emotions and teaches them to work together and treat each other in a respectful way.

Playing stimulates creativity and coming up with unusual solutions. And playing connects children with each other, regardless of origin, gender or physical disability.

Brains respond positively to playing, which influences a child’s cognitive development. Playing naturally improves a child’s learning ability, helping them perform better in school. This motivates children to develop further. Both at school and outside.

You will receive the banner below separately with your Right To Play goal, which you can then hang in the goal!

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